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In 2016, online transfers continued their remarkable growth expanding to 177 million transactions worth $68 billion. EFT payments have become the most common form of remote commercial payment, growing to account for more transaction volume than cheques by a large margin.

World Bank data sets the number at US$613 billion that was sent in remittances worldwide in 2017. In the same year, Canada received US$1.3 billion in remittances which represents 0.22% of total remittances sent worldwide. On the flipside, the US$24.6 billion that we sent overseas represents a much larger 4% of total remittances sent.


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  1. United Arab Emirates Dirham
  2. Argentine Peso
  3. Australian Dollar
  4. Bangladeshi Taka
  5. Bulgarian Lev
  6. Brazilian Real
  7. Canadian Dollar
  8. Swiss Franc
  9. Chilean Peso
  10. Chinese Yuan
  11. Colombian Peso
  12. Czech Koruna
  13. Danish Krone
  14. Egyptian Pound
  15. Euro
  16. British Pound
  17. Georgian Lari
  18. Hong Kong Dollar
  19. Croatian Kuna
  20. Hungarian Forint
  21. Indonesian Rupiah
  22. Israeli Shekel
  23. Indian Rupee
  24. Japanese Yen
  25. Kenyan Shilling
  26. South Korean Won
  27. Sri Lankan Rupee
  28. Moroccan Dirham
  29. Mexican Peso
  30. Malaysian Ringgit
  31. Norwegian Krone
  32. Nigerian Naira
  33. Nepalese Rupee
  34. New Zealand Dollar
  35. Peruvian Sol
  36. Philippine Peso
  37. Pakistani Rupee
  38. Polish Zloty
  39. Romanian Leu
  40. Russian Ruble
  41. Swedish Krona
  42. Singapore Dollar
  43. Thai Baht
  44. Turkish Lira
  45. Ukrainian Hryvnia
  46. US Dollar
  47. Vietnamese Dong
  48. South African Rand

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Canada sends over $30 billion in remittances worldwide every year.

Country Rank volume percentage of Total Remittances Sent from Canada
China 1 $5,387,225,438 17%
France 4 $1,685,755,792 5%
Germany 8 $1,052,950,815 3%
India 2 $3,739,767,801 12%
Italy 5 $1,393,745,585 4%
Lebanon 7 $1,108,807,017 3%
Philippines 3 $3,080,379,015 10%
United Kingdom 10 $739,213,877 2%
United States 9 $860,574,646 3%
Vietnam 6 $1,238,597,075 4%

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World Money Pay® - foreign exchange, international remittance & payments. Buy & Sell Foreign Currency. MSB Registration Number #M18879370.Top 10 remittance recipients in 2015 ($US billions): India ($72.2bn), China ($63.9bn), the Philippines ($29.7bn), Mexico ($25.7bn), Nigeria ($20.8bn), the Arab Republic of Egypt ($20.4bn), Pakistan ($20.1bn), Bangladesh ($15.8bn), Vietnam ($12.3bn), Indonesia ($10.5bn)

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